Student Testimonials

My friends from school had done the high school preparation program and attended high school in previous years and have told me how good the program was and they also shared stories about the lifestyle in Sunshine Coast. As I wanted to learn English and like the beach, it made me decide to come to the Sunshine Coast. I have been surrounded by very nice teachers who make my English progress, friendly host families who care about me and have made good friends with other HSP students from different countries such as China and Japan. We practice English together every day. High School Preparation has helped me to prepare for high school and being in the classroom situation that I am starting next week.

I recommend this program before you start attending a local school.

Sophia, Chille. 

I have a dream of becoming a concierge at a hotel. In order to make it come true, I felt studying abroad is the most effective way. Another senior student at my high school in Wakayama, who has done HSP and study abroad program, recommended this program to me. I came to Lexis Sunshine Coast Campus on 2 weeks study tour for the first time and I had fantastic time. I genuinely thought that I really like to come back here to study long term, where I can be surrounded by kind teachers, friendly classmates and friendly host families. I truly thought I would like to study long term in this town that also has beautiful food and environment. I like to recommend this program to junior students in Japan.

Haruka, Japan.