End of Week 1 with TAP Surfers!

We’ve reached the end of Week 1 with the Noosa TAP Surfing group and the Juniors are having a ball! They’re all doing extremely well on and off the water.

They are all loving their classes – learning a lot, making new friends and having so much fun! They’re also improving hugely on the water, and are catching as many waves as possible when they’re surfing (not to mention they look so cool when doing so)!

Strong friendships are forming and the Juniors are looking forward to spending some of the weekend together in Noosa National Park, on the beach and of course, finally trying Betty’s Burgers!

They have done themselves proud this week and certainly deserve a weekend of eating, exploring and relaxing together.


P.S. sorry for playing the “embarrassing mother” role and coming into lesson to take pictures of you all!