Study Tours

Designed for high school, university or community groups of students travelling together, Lexis Study Tours offer tailor- made programs to suit any interest! Students typically study English in the morning while following a personalised activity program in the afternoon, enjoying sporting, sightseeing, cultural, social and community experiences in some of Australia and Asia’s most exciting destinations. Study Tour groups can choose to study in their own class, or have students welcomed to Lexis programs throughout the school to maximise opportunities for English learning and cultural exchange.

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Example Timetable

9:00 | English Lesson
10:30 | Break
10:45 | English Lesson
12:15 | Lunch
13:00 | Activity
15:30  | Finish

Activity Examples

– Australia Zoo
– Local School Visit
– Zoo Hospital Visit
– Everglade Eco Tour
– Aboriginal Cultural Experience – Surfing Lesson
– Pontoon Boating
– Team Building Activity
– Kayaking
– Didgeridoo Lesson

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