T.A.P Programs

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P7170568 Uai

Lexis Teen Activity Programs are designed to take learning from the classroom and out into the real world! With a range of sporting, cultural, social and sightseeing activities available, students with any range of interests can blend their language learning experience with all the excitement that can be found in our unique study locations.

Academic Programs

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Offered in conjunction with Education Queensland International, Lexis provides leading High School Preparation programs designed to supply students with the skills they need to succeed in their secondary education.

Study Tours

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Mountain Creek Shs 8 Uai

Designed for high school, university or community groups of students travelling together, Lexis Study Tours offer tailor- made programs to suit any interest! Students typically study English in the morning while following a personalised activity program in the afternoon, enjoying sporting, sightseeing, cultural, social and community experiences in some of Australia and Asia’s most exciting destinations. Study Tour groups can choose to study in their own class, or have students welcomed to Lexis programs throughout the school to maximise opportunities for English learning and cultural exchange.