Last Thursday, students learnt about aboriginal culture, storytelling symbols and art and then got to paint their own boomerang!

Boomerangs were used by Aboriginal peoples for hunting, warfare, art, in some religious ceremonies or instrumentally (clapped together) as accompaniment to songs and chants. They would often paint or carve designs on boomerangs to tell stories of legends and traditions.

When aboriginal artists paint it is typically from a bird’s-eye perspective looking down onto the land. From a high viewpoint everything starts to look like a dot, hence the iconic dot painting style. Symbols are used to tell a story, for example concentric circles often represents a campsite.

Some students went with the traditional Aboriginal painting style and earthy tones, while others went with their personal style, colours and technique. A couple told some interesting and amusing personal stories using the aboriginal symbols.

The final painted boomerangs were all unique in design and exhibited the diverse creative talents of our students.

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