Noosa – The Wonderful Walkers Hiking Club

Did you know, Mount Coolum was created around 26 million years ago and is one of several isolated volcanic peaks found on the Sunshine Coast! The other most prominent ones being the Glass House Mountains.

On Monday afternoon the new TAP students put in a fantastic effort and climbed all the way up the many steps of Mount Coolum! On their way up, the students were in awe of the magnificent coastal views of the Sunshine Coast seen through the trees.

The three students did a wonderful job of working as a team during the climb, having fun and sharing stories as well as taking breaks when their teammates needed to rest and have some water. They were delighted to reach the top on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

The students enjoyed exploring and spotting some wonderful Australian nature on the walk. Firstly, they were surprised by a leisurely roaming Brush Turkey (Alectura lathami)! As well as identifying some interesting birds and trees including: Honeyeater bird (Meliphagidae), Willie Wagtail bird (Rhipidura Leucophrys), and the Scribbly Gum trees (Eucalyptus haemastoma). The students were impressed with the unique markings on the gum tree!

We had a wonderful time hiking up and the students were thrilled to reach the top where they had a well-deserved rest and shared some laughter. The students took the opportunity to capture some awesome photos to send to their family and friends.

We are all looking forward to the next week of TAP activities where we will explore more wonderful Australian nature, enjoy fun team activities and learn about the local area.

Take a good look at the view from up there on top of Mount Coolum 😎

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