Yesterday our junior students from the Hiroshima prefecture were joined by our adult students for a huge Aussie Food and Slang activity. πŸ˜‹

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Aussie Food

The tasting menu included the following Aussie classics:

  1. Meat pies and sausage rolls with tomato sauce
  2. Vegemite on bread
  3. Lamingtons
  4. Fairy bread
  5. Milo
  6. Tim Tams
  7. Twisties

Bella introduced each food item, then explained its popular in Australia and how to eat it like an Aussie.

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What did our students think?

  1. The meat pie / sausage roll with tomato sauce combination was a resounding hit!
  2. Vegemite was polarising, a few loved it, but most were disgusted and confused about its popularity here
  3. The Lamingtons were enjoyed by all, and the favourite for some.
  4. The consensus on fairy bread was so-so, just like sugar on bread
  5. There were mixed opinions on Milo and it was familiar to those from Japan and Chile
  6. Tim Tams were known and loved by most students and for our first timers it was a delicious surprise
  7. Finally, Twisties were liked but, β€œnothing special” for most.

Overall, it was an enjoyable tasting experience. Thank you to all students who participated with open minds and palates!

Aussie Slang

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For the Aussie slang portion of the activity, students started by watching entertaining clips of Aussies using slang. As a group we tried to interpret the slang and our Aussie teacher Bella revealed the meaning of each slang word.

Some of the slang students learnt included:

  1. Breaky = Breakfast
  2. Maccas = McDonalds
  3. Straya = Australia
  4. Avo = Avocado
  5. Mate = Friend
  6. Sunnies = Sunglasses
  7. G’day = Good day
  8. Arvo = Afternoon
  9. Hubby = Husband
  10. Tinnie = Beer
  11. Sheila = woman
  12. Barbie = Barbeque

And so many more!

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To finish we played a fun game of slang bingo with the prize being more Aussie food!

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