Our Noosa TAP Students Took Part in an Insightful Surf Life Saving Lesson with Noosa Heads SLS Club!

Surf lifesaving is a volunteer-based movement that originated in Australia in the early 20th century. It has since spread to many countries across the globe. Surf Lifesavers are people with a passion for the ocean, trained in essential skills to respond swiftly to emergencies, both in and out of the water.

On a beautifully sunny winter afternoon, our students dived straight into an insightful and interactive lesson. The students learned first-hand what the Noosa Heads Surf Lifesavers do on a daily basis, and why their role is so important for the safety of beachgoers and ocean lovers!

The group were introduced to the Beach Buggy – a vehicle used to patrol the shoreline and quickly respond to emergencies. After a short stroll along the beach, we arrived at the Lifeguard Tower! We were given a tour of the tower, where lifeguards watch over the water, looking out for potential dangers such as rip currents and swimmers in distress.

The students learned about the iconic Red and Yellow Flags. When visiting a patrolled beach in Australia, there are red and yellow flags hoisted in the sand. These flags mark the designated swimming area monitored by surf lifesavers. Staying between the flags ensures you are in the safest part of the beach and under the watchful gaze of these dedicated volunteers!

We then jumped straight into the interactive activities! Firstly, the students did some warm-up exercises and sprints to get themselves prepared and limber! The students also listened to some teachings from an experienced lifesaver, and learned the different skills that are needed for the position. Next up, the group were challenged to run into the water at speed, practicing for a real-life rescue scenario – where they would need to act fast! They had so much fun splashing into the beautiful ocean!

We learned about the responsibilities and duties of the Surf Lifesavers which include:

  • Beach Surveillance: Lifesavers keep a watchful eye on beachgoers, scanning the waters for potential dangers.
  • Rescue Operations: Trained in various rescue techniques, surf lifesavers spring into action whenever someone gets caught in the current of a rip, or faces difficulty swimming.
  • First Aid and Medical Care: From minor cuts and bruises to more serious incidents, surf lifesavers are equipped to administer first aid and stabilise patients until professional help arrives.
  • Education and Prevention: Surf lifesavers also play a proactive role in educating the public about water safety.

The students had a go at an epic rescue of their partner from the ocean using their newly acquired skills! For our final activity of the afternoon, the students spent time trying to catch some waves on the surfboard – for some it was their first ever time on a board!

After an insightful afternoon packed full of learning and activities, the students departed with a newfound sense of confidence in their abilities. Our students smashed the activities and were tired out after all of the challenging exercises! They are super keen to get out and try a surfing lesson next week to try out their new skills!

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